Comprehensive lipidomics

Comprehensive lipidomic platform

The overall aim of comprehensive lipidomic analysis is to gain as much information about the identity and levels of different lipids present in the sample. With our lipidomic platform, the different classes of lipids are well separated and quantified using state-of-the-art technology such as UPLC coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry.

An example of separation of different types of lipids is shown in the figure below. 

Comprehensive lipidomics
Figure: A representative chromatogram of the separation of different lipid classes from blood plasma sample using UPLC coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry. . 

Different sample types

We have experience on applying the comprehensive lipidomic platform on a variety of different sample types.
- Liver tissue lipidomics
- Tear fluid/Maeibum lipidomics
- DBS lipidomics
- Erythrocyte lipidomics
- Plasma/serum lipidomics
- Cell line lipidomics
- Liposome lipidomics