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The Lifebrain consortium

The Lifebrain consortium aims to identify determinants of brain, cognition, and mental health aspects at different stages of life and establish a solid foundation for understanding how the brain, cognition and mental health can be optimized through the lifespan.

More information

More information about the project can be found at You can also follow recent developments in the project by following the project on Facebook.

Instruction manual

Download the instruction manual below.

Video instructions

Watch video instructions in the video below.


Can I place more than one drop in each circle?

No, for correct and optimized results, there should be only one large blood drop per circle.

How do I use the lancet?

Twist off the green small end. Place the small end at the side tip of middle finger and press firmly while pressing the red button until you hear a click.

Can the lancet be used more than once?

No, the lancet can only be used once.

Do the circles have to be completely filled?

No, down to 80% of the marked circle is acceptable. Se example below:


What is a large blood drop?

A large drop falls from the finger without force.

What if I do not bleed enough?

Wash your hands in warm water and rub them vigorously together to increase blood circulation. Use the extra lancet to prick your finger again if you fail.

What if there is too much blood on the card(s)?

Please contact your local Lifebrain center.

What if there is too little blood on the card(s)?

Please contact your local Lifebrain center.

Does it hurt?

It is not painful, it is like small prick with a needle.

Are there any risks involved?


Can I throw the lancet in the trash at home?


How fast do I need to send the sample by mail?

The day after sampling at the latest.

How should I store the sample after drying and until posting?

Keep samples stored in the refrigerator.