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Don’t just take our word for it…read some of our customers thoughts on services provided by Vitas

Vitas Analytical Services

Our collaboration with Vitas is a key factor in our business model and we couldn’t be happier with the near flawless services they provide us on a daily basis.

– Dag Bergheim Pettersen , CEO
Zinzino AB

Vitas Analytical Services

We used the analytical services of Vitas in our Large Zoe Predict nutritional studies. The quality was impressive and the data was included in our pivotal 2020 Nature Medicine paper and several other high impact journals.

– Tim Spector, Professor
King's College London

Vitas Analytical Services

Vitas delivered high quality reliable data in a timely fashion for our large multi-centre EU intervention. Always a pleasure to work with.

– Lorraine Brennan, Professor
School of Agriculture and Food Science, UCD, Ireland

Vitas Analytical Services

Good Technology, good people, good service: trustworthy and reliable.

– Hannelore Daniel, Professor Emeritus
Technical University of Munich

Vitas Analytical Services

We used the analytical services of Vitas in our ZOE Predict 1 study of over 1,000 people which we used to build the original data science models for our company ZOE, and led to two Nature Medicine papers. We were really delighted with the quality of the results, and the proactive engagement of the team.

– Jonathan Wolf, Cofounder & CEO

Vitas Analytical Services

Protheragen is very satisfied with the service we get from Vitas. Fast turnaround time. Delivery of report in time. Very cost effective. Always been available to help.

– Project Manager, PhD
Protheragen Inc
New York, USA

Vitas Analytical Services

We have used Vitas for several years, analyzing samples from our dietary intervention studies. They deliver always on time, with reliable and trustful data. We enjoy working with the company and look forward to future collaborations.

– Stine Marie Ulven, Professor in Nutrition
Department of Nutrition
University of Oslo, Norway

Vitas Analytical Services

Vitas was an analytical partner in multiple large-scale EU-funded studies, where they performed the huge task of analysing several nutritional biomarkers in tens of thousands of blood samples. 

Results were always delivered on time with excellent consistency across the batches.

The resulting data have been key in a number of important publications in BMJ, Nature Communications, and the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology.

It was a pleasure working with Vitas - I highly recommend them!

– John Danesh 
Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine
University of Cambridge, UK

Vitas Analytical Services

Troubleshooting at its best! Creative and solution oriented with the sponsor in focus at all times. We are extremely happy with our cooperation with Vitas.

– Geir Ivar Westen, CEO
Asamedic AS

Vitas Analytical Services

I am thankful for the never-ending support and high quality service and advice delivered within agreed timelines from our "long-term partner and collaborator" Vitas.

– Hogne Vik, Chief Product Developer
Eqology AS

Vitas Analytical Services

I know Vitas for their versatility and deep knowledge of analytical chemistry, making them highly attractive partners in a wide range of studies. We are greatly appreciative for their professionalism and proactive involvement in the analytical community and opportunities they provide for young researchers.

– Steven Ray Wilson, Professor
Department of Chemistriy, Section of Chemical Life Sciences
University of Oslo, Norway

Vitas Analytical Services

We are using Vitas analytical services in the clinical development of our FMPV-1 cancer vaccine.

Key characteristics about Vitas:
- Quality and competence provider
- Reliable
- Customer focused
- Flexible and team oriented

We are very satisfied with the service and our collaboration and are looking forward to initiating new projects together

– Berit Iversen, CTO
Hubro Therapeutics AS

Vitas Analytical Services

We worked with Vitas on the EPIC-CVD study, in which they assayed Vitamin C, Vitamin D and the major carotenoids at enormous scale. The data produced was of high quality and vital for the results of the project.

Overall, it was an excellent collaboration and we were extremely happy with the contribution Vitas made – I would definitely work with them again!

– Adam Butterworth
Professor of Molecular Epidemiology
University of Cambridge, UK

Vitas Analytical Services

I still remember: In 2010 we met as a group of molecular nutrition scientists to shape the “Nutrition Researcher Cohort”, experimenting on ourselves, and Thomas was willing to provide Vitas analytical and diagnostic expertise.

Vitas has come a long way since then, surpassing one million specialized and miniaturized analyses, and well on its way to two million. Still vigorously critical on science and analytics, there is a bright future ahead.

- Ben van Ommen
TNO, The Netherlands

Vitas Analytical Services

For several years we have used Vitas to analyze blood samples in our drug development program. They have always made a great effort to develop methods to meet our analytical requirements and we have also received valuable advice and feedback to improve our sampling process. We are very satisfied with the analytical services provided together with the accurate and consistent data reported by Vitas.

- Ann Kari Grindheim, Senior Scientist
Pluvia AS, Norway

Vitas Analytical Services

It’s been a pleasure working with Vitas Analytical Services. The level of service was absolutely first class, not only in the testing itself, but also the handling of the samples, the reporting and the setting up of the orders. Very good and professional all over! If only all third party labs were this easy to work with!

- Paul Girard, Manager &
Nils Arne Jentoft, Lead Technical Consultant
Formacare, a Sector Group of Cefic