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Shipping biological samples from humans to us from abroad

Shipping biological samples from animals to us from abroad

The use and import of animal by-products for research and diagnostics are regulated by the Regulation on Animal By-Products Not Intended for Human Consumption.

Institutions that wish to use animal material for research and diagnostics must register as animal by-product establishments through the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's online form service. This primarily applies to laboratory samples. The registration requirement does not apply to institutions that use samples of animal by-products solely for educational purposes (e.g., schools).

For domestic use, trade, and shipments, there are requirements for traceability (trade documents and registers), labeling, and disposal after use. In addition, import from third countries requires an import permit, which is processed at the border control station at Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

An import permit must be applied for in advance (21 days) for each shipment being imported. Those who have previously applied more than 30 times within a year may still apply for a temporary permit for up to two years. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the specific animal by-products involved, and conditions must be met to obtain such a time-limited import permit.

All animal products (including non-hazardous category) from third countries are subject to border control and must undergo veterinary border control. This arrangement, allowing for import permits for research and diagnostic samples, deviates from the border control regime, provided that the application and permit are obtained in advance. Otherwise, such imports are considered illegal and will be confiscated and destroyed by the authorities.

For more information about the requirements regarding the application for import permits, please refer to Veiledning om bruk og import av prøver til forskning og diagnostikk

Søknadskjema - Import av animalske biprodukter til forskning og diagnostikk 

Veiledning til utfylling av skjema for importtillatelse

For more information regarding customs clearance and shipment conditions please contact us. Samples to be analysed may be sent to the following address.

Gaustadalléen 21
N-0349 Oslo