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Analytical services

Vitas provides a comprehensive range of high quality analytical services to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Our expertise is built upon more than 28 years of experience.

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Pharma Analytical Services

Vitas provides a range of both GMP and non GMP analytical services to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.  We deliver services ranging from a single test to full method development, validation, stability testing, tech-transfer, impurity characterization, high throughput study sample analysis, documentation and regulatory support.

Biomarker Analytical Services

Vitas offers a complete FDA/EMEA GMP-compliant bioanalysis service to support biomarker analysis in preclinical and clinical development as well as small and large scale epidemiological studies. Our list of in-house assays, developed over 28 years of operation, spans more than 500 methods including a great diversity of sample types.

Lipidomic Analytical Services

Lipidomics is the study of lipids compounds in biological systems. Several recent studies have demonstrated that lipids are involved in health and disease, such are cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

Dried Blood Spot Analytical Services

Vitas is one of the pioneers in modern Dried Blood spot (DBS) biomarker analysis. We develop, validate and perform analysis of a wide range of compounds from DBS. We supply kits for DBS collection and participate in several EU founded projects using DBS. We receive several thousands of DBS samples each week for analysis.

Food and Dietary Supplements

Not sure how to implement the rules of FDA? Vitas QA department has substantial experience in manufacturing dietary supplements and drugs.

Customized Analytical Services

Vitas have in more than 28 year delivered high quality customized analytical services within many different application areas.