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Food and dietary supplements

Nutrition represents a fundamental pillar of Vitas' expertise. We have an in-depth comprehension of the role and significance of nutrients and trace substances in health and disease. Over the past thirty years, we have persistently expanded our extensive repertoire of analytical tools, providing crucial support to research in this field.

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Rooted in the Institute of Nutrition Research at the University of Oslo, Vitas began as a company focusing on fat-soluble vitamin measurement. Since then, our expertise has grown exponentially, and we now offer a wide range of compound analyses in foods and dietary supplements.

Our primary focus areas within food and dietary supplements include lipids (omega-3, fatty acids), vitamins, and carotenoids. Yet, our roster of applications continues to expand.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services that span from individual tests to full-scale method development. These include validation, stability testing, tech-transfer, impurity characterization, shelf-life determination, high throughput sample analyses, documentation, and regulatory support. Beyond testing and analysis, we offer consultancy on FDA cGMP for dietary supplements.

Please explore our complete list of applications or Contact us  to discover how Vitas can enhance your food and dietary supplement analysis.

Food and Dietary Supplements

Our analytical team