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FAQ Covid 19

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Below is frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 antigen selftest.
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Can the test results be used for a corona certificate?

The test is anonymous and cannot on that basis be used for certification.
The test is primarily to check if a satisfactory level of antibodies is present after vaccines.
Many experience a low level of antibodies even after three doses and should show caution when being in public.

I have not yet received my test results?

The turnaround time at the lab is 7 workdays. Usually it could take up to around 10 days for the public mail service to deliver the samples to us. We have experienced prolonged delivery during the pandemic.

What do the test results mean?

The COVID-19 Antigen DBS kit from Vitas test for a specifc antigen (spike 1 protein) in dried blood samples (DBS). The presence of COVID-19 antibodies (a positive result) indicate that you have probably been infected or vaccinated some time prior to the test. The test result is reported as arbitrary units (AU) and can be interpreted as follows:

  • Value: < 0.8 (Negative)                 
    Meaning: Probably no infection or vaccine

  • Value: 0,8-1,1 (Borderline)
    Meaning: Perhaps infected/vaccinated but antibody level is marginal

  • Value: > 1,1 (Positive)
    Meaning: Probably infected/vaccinated

  • Value: 2-6 (Positive)
    Meaning: Normal range after 1. vaccine

  • Value: 5-11 (Positive)
    Normal range after 2. Vaccine and booster