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Matrix‐assisted ionization mass spectrometry in targeted protein analysis–An initial evaluation

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry – 2021


Øystein Skjærvø, Sarah Trimpin, Trine Grønhaug Halvorsen


Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry




Matrix‐assisted ionization (MAI) is a relatively new ionization technique for analysis by mass spectrometry (MS). The technique is simple and has been shown to be less influenced by matrix effects than e.g. electrospray ionization (ESI). These features are of interest in the targeted analysis of proteins from biological samples.


Targeted protein determination by MAI‐MS was evaluated using a triple quadrupole mass analyzer equipped with a stripped nanoESI source in selected reaction monitoring (SRM) mode. The proteins were analyzed using the bottom‐up approach with stable isotopic labeled peptides as internal standards (IS). The MAI matrix was 3‐nitrobenzonitrile dissolved in acetonitrile. Aqueous sample and matrix solution were mixed in a 1:3 volume ratio. One microlitre of the dried matrix/analyte sample was introduced into the inlet of the mass spectrometer where ionization …