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Christian A. Drevon


Cofounder of Vitas in 1994. Extensive experience as a leading researcher in basic science (nutrition, exercise, pharmacology), epidemiology as well as clinical studies, with special focus on biomarkers. CAD has taught medical, dental and pharmacy students, and supervised 35 students to their PhD, and 80 students to their master of science (MSc). CAD has authored > 400 original scientific publications in English and > 320 popular scientific articles in Norwegian concerning nutrients like fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamins and alcohol, and conditions like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, cancer and inflammatory diseases. He has been a consultant for large companies within food production, pharmaceutical industries, and he has for many years given 50-100 interviews yearly concerning lifestyle and health in newspapers, radio and TV-channels. Major focus in Vitas has been development of biomarkers for nutrient intake, disease conditions and use of different interventions in humans as well as animals.