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Thomas Bjellaas

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Thomas Bjellaas, Ph.D., is a senior research scientist at Vitas AS, specializing in both organic analytical chemistry and lipidomics. With a strong background in chromatography and mass spectrometry, he has conducted extensive research in various Norwegian companies, resulting in multiple publications in collaboration with different companies and academic institutions. Furthermore, he is responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of the UPLC-TOF-HRMS lipidomic platform at Vitas, where his expertise in lipid analysis and mass spectrometry greatly contributes to advancing lipidomics research and understanding lipid-related processes and diseases. His notable contributions have been published in reputable scientific journals, furthering the field of lipidomics. In addition to his research work, Dr. Bjellaas serves as an elected board member within Vitas AS.