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Short Chain Fatty Acids

Gut microbiota ferment indigestible dietary fiber to generate SCFAs, mainly acetate, propionate and butyrate. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, short-chain fatty acids may have a wide range of beneficial effects on your body including chronic diseases like neurodegenerative conditions, obesity, diabetes, immunological conditions, and intestinal disorders. 

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Vitas can offer a range of SCFA analyses. Our service may include sample preparation, the analytical measurements, and evaluation of raw data. Our analytical services regarding SCFA analysis can be applied on many sample types. Typical samples are (but not limited to):

  • Blood-related samples (whole blood, plasma, serum, DBS, etc)

  • Tissue-related samples (Cell media, eye, Broncho, etc)

  • Fecal samples

  • Cecum samples

We have analysed samples from a variety of different species

  • Human

  • Mouse

  • Rat

  • Dog

  • Turkey

View our applications below or contact us for more information.

Short Chain Fatty Acids

Our analytical team

Alf Terje Andresen – Vitas Analytical Services

Alf Terje Andresen

Senior Research Scientist

Thomas Bjellaas – Vitas Analytical Services

Thomas Bjellaas

Senior Research Scientist

Harald Moe – Vitas Analytical Services

Harald Moe

Research Scientist