Vitamins are essential micronutrients that humans and animals need in small amounts for various roles throughout the human body. Vitamins are divided into two groups: water-soluble (B-complex vitamins and C vitamins) and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). Unlike water-soluble vitamins that need regular replacement in the body, fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the liver and fatty tissues, and are eliminated much more slowly than water-soluble vitamins. In the blood stream, the fat- soluble vitamins are carried on proteins specialized for this task. Retinol ( Vit A) on retinol binding protein (RBP) , 25-OH-Vitamin D on vitamin D binding protein ( DBP) while others like tocopherols (VitE) and phylloquinone ( VitK1) are carried in lipoproteins. The water soluble vitamins B and C flows freely in the blood stream without the need of support. 

In Vitas we have worked with vitamin analysis for twenty years and our people are experts on the topic. We master a broad range of techniques used for vitamin determination from a wide range of sample types, including biological samples like blood, serum, plasma, tissue, milk urine etc.

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AM-021            Quantification of lycopene in tomato based products by HPLC-UV  

AM-023            Quantification of carotenoids in plasma by HPLC-UV

AM-024            Quantification of carotenoids in milk by HPLC-UV     

AM-038            Carotenoids in dried Blood spots by HPLC-UV           

AM-070            Quantification of retinol in mouse liver by normal phase LC-FLD       

AM-073            Quantitative determination of Retinol and retinylester in plasma from rats by LC-MS

AM-074            Quantification of carotenoids in oil capsules med LC-UV      

AM-091            Quantitative determination of retinol in plasma by LC-UV     

AM-116            Quantitative determination of Retinol in dried blood spots (DBS) from humans by LC-MS    

AM-145            Quantitative determination of all-trans retinoic acid in plasma by LC-MS/MS           

AM-176            Quantification of Tretinoin (all-trans-retinoic acid) in 0.1% Tretinoin cream by LC-UV 

AM-268            Quantification of retinol and tocopherol in plasma using LC-UV-FLD  


 AM-033           Measurement of total glutathione (GSH) in plasma by HPLC with fluoremetric detection       

 AM-158           Measurement of total glutathione in Red blood cells (RBC) by HPLC with fluoremetric detection    

AM-170            Measurement of Homocysteine in plasma or serum by HPLC with fluoremetric detection     

 AM-175           Quantification of Vitamin B12 in serum/plasma         

 AM-184           Measurement of total glutathione in muscle tissues by HPLC with fluoremetric detection      

 AM-238           Quantification of vitamin B6 using HPLC-FLD


 AM-020           Measurement of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) in raw milk by LC with DAD detection  

 AM-080           Quantification of  Vitamin C in oil capsules by LC-UV              

 AM-166           Quantification of Vitamin C in human plasma by LC-UV      

 AM-185           Measurement of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) in Muscle tissues by LC with DAD detection


 AM-037           Quantification of 25-OH-Vitamin D3 in Dried Blood Spots by HPLC-MS/MS   

 AM-052           Quantification of 25-OH-Vitamin D3 and D2 in plasma/serum  by HPLC-MS/MS or MS         

 AM-130           Quantification of  Vitamin-A and Vitamin-D in cod liver oil by LC-UV           

 AM-223             Quantification of vitamin D3 in oil droplets using LC-UV (DAD)       

 AM-231           Quantification of 1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D3 with EIA                                    

 AM-264           Quantification of Bovine vitamin-D Binding Protein (DBP) in plasma using ELISA


 AM-019           Quantitative determination of Vitamin E in milk by HPLC-FLD

 AM-135           Quantification of  Vitamin E in cod liver oil by LC-UV             

 AM-155           Quantification of Vitamin E in dried blood spots by LC-FLD   

 AM-283           Quantitative analysis of tocopherol in concentrated vitamin oil base by HPLC-FLD


AM-043            Quantitative determination of  vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) in fish oil by HPLC-FLD and electrochemical reduction        

 AM-053           Quantification of  menaquinones , vitamin K2 (MK 4-10) in muscle or beef by LC-FLD         

 AM-066           Quantification of  vitamin K2 (MK7) in tablets by LC-UV         

 AM-093           Quantitative determination of vitamin K1 in plasma by LC-FLD         

 AM-165           Quantification of Vitamin K1 in dried blood spots by LC-FLD 

 AM-169           Quantification of Vitamin K2 - menaquionone4 -MK4 - in human serum by LC-FLD