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One million DBS samples received, analyzed and reported

As of December 16, 2021 we have reached an important and noteworthy milestone. One million dried blood spot (DBS) samples have been sent from customers all around the world for analysis of different biomarkers. We currently receive 350 000 DBS samples annually with typical 25 % increase per year, and the rate is increasing from year to year as new customers and new assays are made available.

Thomas E. Gundersen – Vitas Analytical Services
Thomas E. Gundersen Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

DBS provides whole blood dried on a paper or polymer device. The blood is usually collected from the fingertip or heel of humans or from the hind leg or tail of experimental animals. Blood collected by venipuncture can also be deposited on such devices and become DBS samples.

Vitas has developed and validated assays for DBS samples during the last 15 years and our portfolio of markers are now extensive and grows continuously. We provide biomarker analysis from DBS to academia, biotech, pharma, and private companies as marketing tools.

The perhaps greatest benefit from using DBS, is the power of simple and inexpensive sample collection. Kits for collection can be produced white label from 1000 to several hundred 1000 and distributed very efficiently at low price to participants at home via the mail system. Samples (a few drops of blood) collected at home by the participant and without assistance from health personnel. The DBS sample is returned to the study center or directly to the laboratory for analysis. Results can be transferred to sponsor by safe protocols like sFTP (secure file transfer program), API (application programming interface), or visualized in an app or webpage directly to the consumer using exclusive codes.  As an example, Vitas provided DBS kits and analytical services as well as on-line reports for the National covid-19 IgG antibody screening in late 2019/2020. 30 000 samples were submitted, analyzed and reported in 1.5 months. The study is published here (follow this link).

Please see our list of DBS methods below and also browse our publications on this topic.

If you have projects or a service that you think would benefit from DBS as a collection platform and would like to discuss a collaboration, please contact Thomas E. Gundersen at